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Mission & Vision


Endeavor to empower individuals and teams to explore self-/co-regulation of the nervous system and provide digestible resources to practice mindfulness and healthy movement for balance at work and in life.


Demonstrate & normalize the use of yoga concepts in a professional context and provide inclusive resources for employees, teams, and entrepreneurs to connect and create safe, healthy, mindful workplaces.

Credentials & Scope



    • Principles: Accessibility, approachability, inclusivity, choice


    • Principles: Honesty, professionalism, respect, curiosity


    • Principles: Credibility, creativity, dependability, generosity


    • Principles: Efficiency, moderation, sharing/adaptability, learning


    • Principles: Invitation, collaboration, nonjudgement, appreciation/joy

Credentials & Scope

Lerin Madole, RYT-200, TIYT-II

Yoga Instructor Credentials

  • I have practiced yoga personally since 2007

  • I have completed 200 hours of a certification program provided by a Yoga Alliance Certified Educational Provider (YACEP), and earned certification as a trained yoga instructor (since 2019)

  • I am certified and registered with the Yoga Alliance as a current RYT-200 yoga instructor (since 2020)

  • I have level II certification in trauma-informed yoga instruction (since 2022)

  • I undergo regular continuing education trainings and workshops, as is required to maintain my active registration/certification status, and to further my understanding of the benefits and cautions around a yoga practice, in dynamic contexts, and for a variety of populations

  • I am insured as a yoga instruction practitioner and can provide documentation for proof of active insurance upon request. 

Scope of Practice

  • I specialize in corporate yoga, and provide workshops and materials, and culture development resources for incorporating trauma-informed practices and communications within the workplace for a variety of industries, companies, and audiences

  • I am NOT a therapist or a trained healthcare professional in any capacity, and I cannot prescribe treatment for any diagnosable condition

  • Through invitational language, inclusive options and choice, I offer resources for individuals to autonomously [and under the observation of and consultation with their designated healthcare professionals] explore options, variations, and modifications of functional movement, breathing practices, and techniques for self-care and soothing the nervous system

Personal Practice

I've been practicing yoga since 2007 and have explored many types and contexts in my personal practice from formal studio classes and workshops, to virtual classes and recordings, and weekend yoga retreats. Some of styles of yoga I have tried over the years include a variety of Hatha, Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Kundalini, and Yin, yoga for beginners, corporate yoga, "hot" yoga, "power" yoga, "soft stretch" yoga, restorative yoga, Acro yoga, and others. I share the breadth of my yoga exploration to illuminate the many types of yoga that are available for guided practice, and how no two are the same. I hope this inspires curiosity if you are new exploring yoga and looking for the tools that work well for you. There are common misconceptions that one must be flexible, still, or incredibly fit to access a yoga practice, but I believe there is something in yoga for everyone and I hope to help create a version of this practice that feels good to your body, schedule, and level of curiosity.

Career Path & Skills


Lerin Madole - Marketer & Consultant...

As a consultant, it's difficult to paint a complete picture of skill sets and subject matter expertise. While I primarily offer services in the realm of corporate yoga and workshops for communication and culture development, I also draw on my experiential knowledge of various industries and content strategies to offer occasional consultation on custom, contracted projects as needed. If you're interested in my experience, perspective and collaboration on branding, marketing, and communications, I hope the summary narrative that follows will help to illuminate my work history for more context, in a nutshell. Please reach out directly with any questions or to request specific examples of prior work. 

Marketing Savvy

With an English degree, creative flare, and interest in marketing my career has spanned a wide variety of industries. I have created, edited, and published content pieces in many formats, across dynamic channels, and helped brands target B2B and B2C audiences through personalized content and supportive data analytics. 

Just after college I got an experiential education in SEO through management and trading of a sizeable domain name portfolio for which I helped run keyword analytics in support of automated website building software connected to affiliate marketing campaigns. From there I founded my LLC and dabbled in rental property management and dog grooming on the side while I sought experience and a focused career path direction. 

I interned with a publishing company in Tulsa, OK as an editorial assistant within the Dental Department. While there, I cut my teeth on writing and editing journalistically, and for a specific industry with a very technical audience of Dental professionals. I recorded weekly product review videos and learned about running a YouTube channel. I gained confidence interviewing dental professionals about product and research developments for my written and layout design contributions to a monthly e-magazine called PROOFS. 

The publishing co. held a hiring freeze while the industry struggled with the transition from print to digital. Meanwhile, I stumbled into my first "real" office job with an Oklahoma manufacturing company, a maker of a safety product called rupture discs. In my three years as the marketing communications person for that brand, I serviced three unique industry segments (Chemical Processing, Oil & Gas, Building/Fire Safety) with tradeshows, digital campaigns, and sales enablement materials while also managing the overarching brand and PR efforts. 

Consulting Chops

After hiring  a digital agency in my role as a marketer, I decided to try my hand at freelance content services. I worked with a Tulsa-local group of yoga studios, a few restaurants, and a Kickstarter project to create social media calendars, content, and strategy. I also worked briefly with an OK-based billboard company where I developed a better understanding of "Out of Home" (OOH) advertising - strategy and design - and the role it plays in a larger marketing outreach plan. I enjoyed client consultation services and helping customers engage audiences in new industries to me then, such as senior living care, personal fitness, home pest prevention, and more.

In 2019, I found my way to remote agency teams where I honed my skill sets as an expert content creator, communicator, and consultant. I advised on social media strategy (content, analytics, etc.) for beer, wine, and liquor brands and handled community engagement on social media for a collection of hospitality brands. I learned the foundational regulations and community requirements for Wikipedia and became a researcher, and consultant for recognizable brands in Telecom, Airline, Paint, and other industries, helping them adhere properly to guidelines on the site. 

Furthering my experience in the agency realm and with client work, I joined an international agency team specializing in marketing automation. My role as a client success strategist built new muscles for me in relationship management and consulting with account renewal cycles in mind. Leveraging that position for one with a Director title, I had yet another opportunity to join a much smaller agency upstart where I specialized in public relations and added the Biopharmaceutical industry to the list of client types I serviced. That role also allowed an opportunity to draw on old skill sets in a new way to aid with business systems setup and operational infrastructure to support scalability. 

Education & Certs
Design Book

Education & Certifications


Bachelors of Liberal Arts Degree

Major: English | Minor: Art History


200-Hr. Registered Yoga Teacher training certification


Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher training, levels I & II certification (50 hrs)

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