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This is for YOU

Caring & conscientious leader... You wear hats of wellness coordinator, organizer, manager, HR specialist, and in-house moral support. You provide wellness resources for the diverse and dynamic whole-health needs of your team, industry, and workforce.'re not alone.


Schedule a 30-minute connection with me, Lerin. We can chat about anything from content marketing to corporate yoga resources. Tell me about your unique team and interests.

Corporate Subscriptions

Resources Tailored for Teams with Brand & Industry in Mind

Currently accepting corporate team subscriptions with limited weekly time-slots available. Please tell me more about your team, brand, industry, and interests for relevant pricing and service options.

Kat S., NY

"We don't do yoga on cam, just in the privacy of your home, so it's way less public/intimidating to try it out with Lerin!"

Tiffany V.S., OR

"Lerin is the best teacher and so chill. These 30-min. corporate session are a great place to start for anyone intimidated to try yoga!"

Jim M., TX

"I felt better, just for taking a deep breath before 5 p.m.”

Workplace Wellness Resources

Find relevant #EmployerWellnessResources on topics of yoga, meditation, nervous system regulation, stress management, physical & mental health, trauma-informed care & training, supportive research, and more.  Whether the eager organizer within a company, or the entrepreneurial spirit building something... You're full of ambition and uncertainty, wearing ALL the hats at once. You’re seeking support, collaboration, and community along with inspiration and tools for self-sustenance and motivation to make your vision a reality.





Trauma-Informed Care

Workplace Stress

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